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In PE we are doing tag rugby with our PE coach, MrCooper. Mr Cooper is really nice and I enjoy having lessons with him. From the last lessons we have learnt trying, passing and the rules of tag rugby. We have done a tournament and we got 4/6! We also do games that everyone loves especially bench ball that we do when it rains.

With our teacher in PE we do hockey together that is great and I’ve learnt to pass, score and dribble. We also do PE on a Friday but some people go swimming and the other people do indoor athletics with the year 5 teacher as our teacher takes half year five and half year four swimming.The year five teacher is Miss Lansley and she’s really kind. We have done running, jumping and throwing in the lessons we have had. It is great in year four I love it!

Road safety

When you cross a road make sure you are safe . Here's some ways to stay safe so if your a parent / adult make sure if you have got a kid or just baby sitting hold their hand across the road . Always  look left and right crossing the road. Also don't go in between two parked cars because you don't know if they are going to suddenly move. So that's how to be safe.


In topic we are learning about the Wonders of the World including pyramids. Pyramids are triangle things they with a pointed top. Pyramids are in Egypt so if you go to Egypt look out for pyramids. They are gigantic but they're not as big as Mount Everest . Mount Everest is giant. Pyramids are made of sandstone. Sandstone is made of bits of sand and stone.


Tutankhamun was discoverd by Howad Carter in 1922. He got past all of the traps and managed to get into the place were he was lying in the pyramid. He was probably the most famous Pharaoh ever. He was in the most famous pyramid.

Our school values

Friendship: we have lots of friendship in our school and we make sure people are not left out.

Courage: throughout our time at school we have used lots courage like when Year 3 and 2 went to Frank Chapman on residential.

Trust: our school mostly uses trust on the playground, in class and assemblies. We trust our teachers and our friends.

Respect: we respect our school computers, iPads and all the things inside our school but most importantly each other and the teachers 👩‍🏫.

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