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Forest School

We go to Forest School every Tuesday. When we go we play in the mud kitchen and make dens, tents or hideouts. However, we must make sure that we listen to the rules and follow them, so that we are safe. The first rule is not to lick your fingers when you play with mud. We must also make sure we are following the instructions adults give us.

At Forest School we do exciting things like learn how to make fires. We use it to toast things and make s'mores, which are delicious! We also learn how to tie different knots and use rope in different ways.

We are very lucky at our school that we have different Forest School areas and that we go to Forest School in every year from Reception to Year 6! We go for one afternoon every week.

BFG book

In Guided reading me and my class has been learning about a book called BFG . The BFG has lots of characters like The Queen and more! The book has 23 chapters. The BFG jumped over land to a place called giant country. The book is very special because the book has facts about the author. In the book has lots  of pages in the book. In the book it has lots of chapters like the plan. The book has a verb like whizzpop.

BFG book

The chapters are called The witching hour, who, the snatch, the cave, the BFG, the Giants, the marvellous Ears, snozzcumbers, The bloodbottler, Frobscottle and  whizzpoppers, journey to Dream country, Dream-Catching, A Trogglehumper for the Fleshlumpeater, Dreams, The Great plan, Mixing the dream, Journey to London, The palace, The Queen, The Royal Breakfast, The plan, Capture, Feeding Time, The Author. The witching Hour is at 12 pm. It is when the Giants are eating children but the BFG is blowing dreams into children's Windows.

Frobscottle is a drink that the bubbles fizz downwards and make you fart. At the end of the film at the end Sophie has a dream that she gets out of bed and looks out the window and she can see all the way to giant country and she sees the BFGs garden he has planted. And she said good morning to the BFG and he hears her because he has gigantic ears. The characters are called Sophie, the BFG, the Bloodbottler, the Queen and the heads of the army and the Air Force.

Part 2

Part 2

Since last month our topic has been Christmas around Europe.Lets get started.In Greece they usaly hang up old fashioned decorations they also stand a olive table with a narga paste and all sorts of olives narga paste, it’s super spicy chilli and caraoline reaper chilli.

In Russia people eat different food on Christmas .Like we eat turkey πŸ– and Figgy pudding but they eat roast pork, goose and lots of other stuff

written by Autumn βœοΈπŸ“βœοΈ

Christmas fair

Hi today I am talking about the Christmas fair . The Christmas fair is when you play and win things like elf’s and soda ,teddy’s and book and a cafe well not a cafe more like a area in the library in your school. Now there a big thing which is a massive elf it is like bigger than me and it’s to win him you need to name him and if you get it correct you have him and his name is twinkle the elf or sprinkle the elf I forgot his name .BYE See you                                                                                                                      πŸ“βœοΈπŸ“written By jasmine.     BYE see ya soon

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